Three Tips to Improve Facebook Fan Page

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In the modern blogging world, it is very important to interact with your readers. You may try to use Twitter, but honestly, the 140 char limit is extremely restrictive. Google Plus is on the rise, but there are far many users on Facebook as compared to Google Plus. So I’ll focus on FB here.

One key aspect of blog promotion using Facebook is your fan page design. The overall look and feel of the fan page can make all the difference between clicking on the like button, and clicking on the back button (and never coming back again).

So here are three basic steps to ‘attractivate’ your Facebook fan page.

1. Get a bigger profile pic.

The most important part of your page that helps people remember your brand is your profile pic. You may not realize this, but you can use 180X540 pixel images for your profile pic. This would make your page look more enticing.

Take a look at Subway’s fan page:


Facebook provides ample space to promote your special offers and discounts. Subway makes full use of it.

2Add profile pics at the top.

When you open someone’s profile, you can see five images at the top of the profile. What most people don’t know is that these images can be controlled. This is a way to promote your brand. If you want to replace the images that are being shown on the top of your profile, hover your mouse over them and you will see an ‘x’ on the top right corner of the image. Click on it, and the pic would be hidden. Then you can add other images in this area. Add the pics that would promote brand awareness.

3. Static HTML for welcome page.

Many companies send new visitors to welcome pages, which encourage the user to like that page, thus helping them to promote their product. The simplest and easiest way to accomplish this task is to add static FBML to your page. Though they say that FBML will fade out in 2012, but there are still some months to go. Facebook now wants you to use iframe tabs instead. These are very technical to use, although there are apps like TabPress Custom iFrame Tabs. These apps make the entire process very simple.

Check out the Redbull fan page. They have created an attractive page to entice users into clicking the Like button.

Redbull Facebook Fan Page Image

These 3 steps are easy and free to set up. When it comes to setting up your Facebook fan page, you should let your creativity take over. If you have a new idea for your Facebook fan page, share it here.


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