Social Media Policy for Businesses: 5 MUST-HAVE Essentials

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Organizations have been struggling with how to approach social media because it’s still in very early stages, but leveraging social tools for marketing and advertising is only part of the equation. Having a written policy that states rules and regulations for best practices is important because it allows companies to establish boundaries and manage social engagement both internally and externally, and have the ability to control which tools are used.

Components of company’s social network governance
When putting together a set of guidelines, it’s important to consider your employees as an extension of your PR team.  Any content that’s posted, shared or commented on is going to reflect on the company and the brand.

1. Training
Training is an essential part of your company’s social media policy. It’s important to educate employees and provide them with proper resources on how to represent your organization and the clients you work with or represent.

2. Proper use at work
Rather than policing employees, organizations can benefit more from creating a social media governance model that includes a collection of policies and procedures for employees to follow.

3. Proper configuration of online profile
Give employees guidelines about how to assemble their profiles, including appropriate images and instructions about displays and privacy settings.

4. Rules for engaging with clients and customers
It’s important for employees to have a clear understanding of a company’s preferred style or tone when it comes to how information is communicated and shared with different audiences.  

5. What kind of Information can be made public and what cannot
Organizations should provide clear and distinct instructions that categorize what can and cannot be shared about the company including: policies, records, clients, etc.

Has your organization established a social media policy yet? What were your biggest roadblocks?


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