Shipping Tips for E-commerce Websites- Learn how Santa Delivers

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Shipping is perhaps the most important part of any ecommerce website, but surprisingly, there are many business people who do not pay much attention to it. And the result? Customers get frustrated. Change it this Christmas. Deliver the right things at the right time and right place- just how Santa does it. Here are some tips for you:

1. Give detailed information.
You will see many people complaining that not enough relevant information is provided on the website. To help them, give them detailed info about various shipping options, delivery time, and cost of each. And if you really want to impress them, deliver before the due date.

2. Use radio buttons.
The display page of your shipping information should contain radio buttons. Radio buttons direct the users’ eyes to various options on the page. Thus they are encouraged to select the right one. One bad choice here would be to use a drop-down list box. It does not catch attention the way a radio button does.

3. Free shipping.
When I buy things from ecommerce websites, I like the words ‘free shipping’. They encourage me to buy stuff from there because I don’t have to pay extra for delivery. But do not misuse the free shipping thing.  By misuse I mean having hidden costs, or cancelling the free shipping option at the last minute. Customers are not stupid. If you don’t give them what you advertise, they might look for other websites.

4. Don’t delay.
You got an order? Pack the product and ship it away. You don’t have to invest 5-6 days in it. Just ship it the same day. This would make your customers trust you more.

5. Stay in touch.
For the success of your ecommerce website, you should be in contact with your customers. You can mail them the status of their purchase. This would keep them at ease- especially the new customers. Tell them that you have received their order and it will be delivered on the designated date.

And once the item is shipped, mail them and let them know that the product has been shipped. If they face any problems, they can contact your company through email or phone. It would take just an extra couple of mails and your customers would know that you care.

Try these methods and see your sales rising. And who knows, you might get a little surprise of milk and cookies!