Shipping Automation

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Shipping costs are important during two steps on an e-comerce site.  First, when a customer places an order on the website.  Second, when it’s time for a site owner or operator to actually ship the item.  Shipping API integration and shipping automation systems closely tie in with these two steps.

When a customer is buying an item, he or she would normally see either a flat-rate price that the site owner decided on or a price depending on the product being ordered, possibly tiered to the customer’s location.  Another option is to automatically show the customer various shipping options from several carriers based on their shipping address.

This is possible by integrating with the various carriers and allows the site owner to even set how the shipping price will automatically be marked up.  After the order is placed, it’s time to ship the item.

Here too we can either copy & paste all customer shipping information to get labels, or automatically use the customer’s shipping selection to get a label from that particular carrier.  The carrier then automatically bills our account for the label that the customer already purchased and paid for.

All in all, shipping automation is a way to save time on the routine task of copy & pasting shipping information, manually setting up shipping prices, and with carrier pickup scheduling, getting the items to the shipping location.