Room Designer Visualization Software – The Most Important Factor

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When we setup the Virtual Room Designer software the most important part is obvious, it’s making sure a company’s products look realistic. What happens is the software bridges the gap between a swatch (e.g. a flooring sample) and the room where it will be used. It’s hard, at least for me, looking at a floor sample, to picture how it would look in the room, especially when there are a bunch to choose from. So what happens is the software tries to imagine that for us and for each individual room scene, it analyzes the room and swatch and calculates how best to tile and render that swatch across the floor (taking into account what we know about depth perception, shadows, etc.).

As new carpets, wood floors, paints, etc. are being added, we carefully monitor the resulting rendering of the swatch in the room scene, comparing to real photographs to make sure that the software is doing its job correctly. Whenever discrepancies come up, it’s possible to make adjustments to the room scene or to the way the individual swatch is being processed to make it look more real, essentially the software is constantly being taught how to create visualizations that are more and more accurate. Take a look at the Virtual Room Designer demo to see how it works with floors, paint, siding, and more.

The Virtual Room Designer is an Enterprise 2.0 Solution, demonstrating what is possible with Web 2.0 Development and Flash Programming.