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If you ever wondered how Google Search technology can be utilized on a job website, check out  With the help of Google Search Appliances, employers can search thousands of resumes and find the right one in a split second. is a unique job site that pays job seekers every time their resume is downloaded by an employer.  The site collects resumes from job seekers and sells them to employers, while compensating job seekers for posting their resumes online. The model is unique and has been hugely popular.

Employers know that resumes come in all flavors and file formats.  When developing the website, Intechnic was facing a difficult task to come up with a fast and reliable system to accurately search and sort thousands of resumes in dozens of various file formats.

As soon as a new resume is uploaded, Google search appliances index it and continuously re-index resumes in the database for any changes. With over 100 file formats and 100 languages supported, the system is so versatile that it supports virtually any resume file format from old MS Word for DOS documents to latest Open Office document formats. What’s even better, every resume can be viewed online (Google converts it into HTML) without the need of installing or supporting any special software to view exotic or legacy file formats. No viruses either.  You can see the complete list of the supported file formats here:

The power of Google search lets users employ the well known operators to refine their search results:

For example, if you want resumes for Java programming language but no coffee:

Or sales experience in Canada OR Mexico:

Intechnic has years of experience deploying and tailoring Google Search Appliance technology for clients’ needs. If you have thousands of documents that need searching and your existing search is not up to the task – give us a call.