Register now for the W3C Social Business Jam

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Register now for the W3C Social Business Jam, and online “conversation” being held online November 8-10.

The “Jam” is a Web-based, virtual collaberation event, with expected participation from an international audience which includes business, government and technology leaders.

The Objective:

To discuss ”the current state of social business, the future role that social technologies can play in improving the bottom line, and how social technology should evolve in order to support business objectives. A primary objective of the Jam is to cooperatively explore key trends and concepts in social business with an eye towards how social standards can facilitate business goals. The Jam should produce a better understanding for participants of how businesses are using social technologies and the challenges they face integrating the technologies into their existing environments.”

Special Guests include:

Lee Aase: Director, Mayo Clinic Center For Social Media
David Ascher: Social & Communications, Mozilla
Yochai Benkler: Professor for Entrepreneurial Legal Studies at Harvard Law School, Author of “The Wealth of Networks” and Co-director of Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Tim Berners-Lee:  Inventor of the Web, W3C Director
Angel L. Diaz: Vice President, Software Standards, IBM Software Group
Paige Finkelman: General Manager, Enterprise 2.0 Conference, UBM TechWeb
Kevin Hauswirth: Social Media Director, Office of the Mayor at City of Chicago
Alejandro Jaimes: Manager of Social Media Engagement Group at Yahoo! Research
Alex “Sandy” Pentland: Director of MIT Human Dynamics Lab and Media Lab Entrepreneurship, Author of “Honest Signals,” Winner of DARPA, crowd-sourcing challenge
Evan Prodromou: Founder of Federated Social Web Summit, Founder of, CEO of, Co-editor of OStatus specification
Steve Ressler: Founder and President of GovLoop
Doc Searls: Well-Known Blogger, Founder of “Vendor Relationship Management,” Co-author of “Cluetrain Manifesto”
Matt Tucker: Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Jive Software