Realism and Shadows in Visualization Software

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Below is an actual photograph of a college lecture hall inside of Intechnic’s flooring visualization software – the Virtual Room Designer.  The floor is also a real wood Maple floor except that all the software has as an input (as many people who have shopped for flooring have experienced) is one small swatch, which it is then rendering across the entire floor as realistically as possible as if this room was actually photographed with this floor installed.  What a lot of other visualization softwares overlook however are the details – shadows being the big one.  The design of the world is complex, everywhere there are shadows and reflections of varying gradients, which is why below we decided to show you what happens when these details aren’t taken into account on the computer screen.  The first photograph shows what a lot of visualization softwares do, which is forget about the shadows (for this image we made the shadows under the chairs very light, almost not even there) and for the second image we darkened them to resemble as closely as possible the original shadows.


If you are a professional and would like to experiment with this room and other rooms to get an idea of how your floors may look in a virtual environment, see our demo here and read more about visualization software for flooring.  Homeowners who are interested in experimenting with different room designs and floors can do so as well in the room design monthly contest.