Our New Website Pays Job Seekers to Look for a Job

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I’ve been working on various recruiting and job sites for most of my career in web development and one thing has always bothered me:  giving away your resume.  You would spend many hours writing your resume, updating it, and making it special.  Yet, here you are – giving away the pages that took you a lifetime to perfect.

Most job seekers don’t realize that all big job sites are making millions off their resume.  These websites actually don’t produce any content. They get your resume for free and sell it to employers. What do you get? Nothing!

The site that we just launched – Resumark.com has redefined what your resume means to you.  Resumark.com pays you $1 every time your resume is downloaded by a prospective employer.  When you invite friends, you also earn $0.50 each time their resumes are downloaded.


The website was developed by Intechnic in the true Web 2.0 style: simple and elegant design, resume storage and processing utilize our document management system, with extensive e-commerce capabilities.   Resume search is done through an integrated Google™ search appliance – technology perfected by Google™ and integrated by Intechnic.

This new concept seems to be popular with everybody who comes across it.   Major news networks from CNBC and Yahoo to Forbes and USA Today have all already recognized the website’s revolutionary concept and the unexplored potential.  If you or someone you know can benefit from our website, please invite them to post their resume!  After all, in this economy, the stakes are too high not to try!

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www. Resumark.com
Post your resume and get paid $1 every time anyone downloads it