Key Features of TweetDeck in Action

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Social media is not a one size fits all marketing strategy.  Not only do you have the option to choose your platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), you also have choice when it comes to social media management software.  It’s no question that social media monitoring can be extremely time-consuming, and as the size and amount of social networks continue to grow, it’s easy to see how tracking multiple networks can become somewhat daunting.  There are several tools to help you balance some of these tasks, but at the risk of flustering you with more options, we’ll just focus on TweetDeck, since it’s one of the favorites among social networkers.

Key Features of TweetDeck:

  • Social media desktop application tool designed to help simplify Twitter functionality.
  • Integrates Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Foursquare, in one simple interface right on your desktop.
  • Enables you to customize and filter different columns for each of your platforms, and allows you see your social media feeds in one centralized place.
  • Helpful for tracking and organizing multiple Twitter accounts, making it an excellent tool for businesses.
  • Equipped with special features such as pre-posting, keyword filters, a trending column, recommendations and ability to view photos and videos within your TweetDeck column.
  • TweetDeck also has wonderful support features and of course, gives users fingertip access to their social network accounts with mobile capabilities.

For anybody looking for Twitter management tool, TweetDeck offers a wealth of features and lustrous design (both desktop and mobile). If you’re wondering how TweetDeck might help you with your business, you can watch the ‘TweetDeck Training for Business’ videos to see it in action.