Interview with Intechnic’s CEO, Andrew Kucheriavy

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Andrew Kucheriavy is the co-founder and CEO of Intechnic – a Chicago-based full-service Internet solutions provider specializing in Internet business solutions, web development, hosting, and e-commerce. With almost fifteen years of experience and thousands of completed projects, Andrew has helped many companies worldwide reach their full potential by creating and establishing powerful and cost-effective Internet business solutions.

Can you tell us a little about your area of expertise?

Our team specializes in helping businesses get the most out of their online solutions. I personally work with companies to help with website monetization, business strategic development, sales and marketing (including social media), cost analysis and controls, as well as various operational and strategic planning.

How did you first got involved in that?

Well, as one of the founders of Intechnic, I have always been responsible for the business side of our operations, many of which are Web based. Naturally, over the years we have started applying this experience to helping our customers turn websites and online solutions into profitable business tools.

What’s the most memorable project you have worked on?

Actually, working on one right now. You will hear about it next year.

What online trends do you think companies should be paying attention to in order stay ahead of the game?

Definitely mobile web and social media. Companies that fail to adapt their online presence for mobile markets or that underestimate the importance of social media risk getting behind their competition.

How do you envision the Internet one year from now? In 3 years?

The Web will go mostly mobile. There will be less personal computer use and more mobile device use. Websites will become simpler, more user-centered and social-oriented. Your data will reside in a cloud – instantly available and shared between all your devices. All your devices will be ‘wired’. Your phone will become the only item you would have to carry on you. It will completely replace your wallet and even your car keys. In three years the Web will be around you in every day items that we don’t yet think of as ‘wired’. For example, consider a refrigerator reading QR codes off food items and automatically reordering them when you run low. It will learn your preferences, keep track of coupons from your favorite groceries store and will even warn you if the milk is about to go bad.

What can we expect out of your company in the next year?

We will continue pushing the boundaries of technology, pioneering new solutions and applying them in the business world. You can expect to see more innovative projects and solutions from us.

Do you have a favorite Website(s)? What is it? How often do you visit the site(s)? I visit it daily.

In your opinion what makes a great Website?

Ease of use and outstanding value in content and/or services that it provides.

Have you ever Googled yourself? What’s the funniest thing you’ve read about yourself online?

I once stumbled upon my interview translated into French at a French newspaper website. I don’t think I’ve said half of what was written but it was kind of fun to read your own quotes in a different language. We are not planning on doing it this interview, are we?

If you could save only one piece of technology, what would you choose?

My iPhone