Interconnected Websites in Web 2.0 Development

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With technological progress there has been lots of talk about how the world is interconnected.  If you think about it, it’s definitely true.  Just as an example – how many different people and technologies work together for someone to be able to fly in an airplane from Chicago to LA.  The same connections naturally extend to the web and a big example is web 2.0 development websites.  Not just as far as forums and discussion boards where people can communicate with each other, but also as far as how websites communicate with each other.  For this, developers build APIs.  In other words, ways for other developers to make it so that their websites can communicate with others.

As a result, you’ll find websites that are able to communicate and synchronize with major online e-commerce sites, car dealer websites that can automatically post their inventory to their site and the major online car listings sites.  You’ll see sites where you don’t have to register and can just use your facebook login to get in.  Something else that has gotten popular has been integrating websites with the big social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and e-mail sites (e.g. Gmail) either for marketing purposes or just because the two websites have similar social networking themes.