How to Improve your Blogging in 2012

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2012- Another year of limitless possibilities, especially if you are a blogger. With Google changing its searching algorithms ever so often, you need to keep up with the competition in the coming year. Here are some secret tips to keep your blog successful for another year.

Stop that redundancy
If you use redundant words or phrases in your blog, it reduces the value of the post. Plus it can irritate the users. For example, instead of writing “this was due to the reason that”, use “this was because”. That’s just an example. If you read your blog carefully, you’ll notice many such phrases. Remove them.

Respect the readers
Directly address your readers and give them valuable information. Write your content to help them because they are important to you. For example, instead of writing ‘Use this tool to improve a website”, write “Use this too to improve your website”. I know, one sentence wouldn’t make much difference, but changing your approach would.

Make it memorable
If you want your readers to remember your blog, write memorable articles. You can share a personal experience or something that would relate to them. You can even ask interesting questions to make them flex their grey cells.

Add mystery
As you write the post, leave some mystery. Do not just put all the information in the first paragraph and then expand it later. This way, readers wouldn’t want to read all of it. You can also ask questions in between and then answer them later on.

Humor’s the thing
There are millions of posts on the web. To make sure your post is different than the others, use humor (or humour if you are British.) Do not force humor. Let it come in as and when it feels like. If you can make anyone’s day better, why not do it?

Use analogies
If you have to explain something complicated, it is best to use analogies to make it easier. If readers don’t understand what you are saying, they’ll get bored and click away. For example, “a light bulb is like a star- both give light at night” is an analogy. Although if your readers don’t know what a light bulb is, I don’t think any analogy will help.

When you read magazines, web articles, journals, and books, you update your knowledge. If you don’t get new knowledge, soon you would run out of information to share. Also, make sure you edit your articles. If you think a published article isn’t good enough, don’t be afraid to edit it.