How to Get Retweeted

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If you create a Twitter account for your company or for a product you produce, the goal is to get as many followers as you can so that you increase brand awareness and have a built-in audience to whom you can advertise and promote yourself – in moderation, of course, or you’ll risk losing all of your followers.

But the Twitterverse can be a tough nut to crack. Even if you’re diligently following people and getting them to follow you back, building an audience can be slow going. One of the best ways to exponentially increase your numbers is to get retweeted. What this means is that, when you send out a tweet, someone likes what you’ve said enough to send it to the people following them. It’s a great quick way to get a lot of eyeballs to your Twitter account.

But how can you get someone to retweet you? Are there certain kinds of tweets that get retweeted more than others? Actually, yes.

Quote someone. People like quotes, and may decide to retweet them if you quote someone that they admire. Naturally, this means if you’re quoting Lincoln or Nietzsche or Margaret Thatcher, you’re probably going to be attracting people who know and like those public figures – not necessarily who are interested in your company. The trick, then, is to find famous quotations that seem to apply – even obliquely – to what your company does or its mission. This way, it won’t look like you’re just trying to cash in on that person’s fame, and through sheer numbers, you are bound to find fans of that person who also decide they like what you’re doing and follow you.

Be current. If you are able to keep on top of what’s happening in the news and quickly tweet about it, other Twitter users will retweet you as the source, and you will get lots of people looking to your page. Obviously, this is even better for you if you can somehow brand the news to what applies to your company. For example, if you deal in technology, tweeting breaking news about new gadgets would still seem to fit your brand – and would probably net you a lot of followers from the right demographic!

Stir the pot. Be careful with this one, because you obviously don’t want to do anything to tarnish your brand, but don’t be afraid to tell people how you feel about controversial issues that apply to your business. If people argue over your comment, even better, because you are sparking conversation and getting your company’s name out there. Just be prepared to stand by what you say.

Keep ‘em laughing. Easier said than done, right? True enough. But if you’ve got what it takes to be funny in 140 characters or less, Twitter is absolutely the place for you. Make people laugh, and they will retweet your comment endlessly and follow you to the ends of the earth. Again, just make sure your particular brand of humor isn’t tarnishing your brand.

Play tag. Adding a hashtag to your tweet means that you will be putting it out there to the entire audience that looks for that hashtag, which can often be quite a few more people than just your followers. Basically, getting involved in a hashtag conversation increases your chances of being retweeted by giving you a wider initial audience.


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