How To Generate Article Marketing Ideas Using Keyword Tools

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Online marketing was a bit of a mystery for some time; that is until people started to understand the use of keywords and articles. If you have an online sight you are no doubt interested in how to get more people to visit the page. When it comes down to it, there are basically two ways of doing this. First, you can pay for advertising that will get your site at the top of the page when certain words or phrases are searched. The problem with this technique is most viewers tend to skip over these initial, highlighted pages because they know the only reason they are there is that they paid to be.

The second way of getting your site noticed is to have fresh articles that are rich with content pertaining to your site. This is not only more cost effective, it often will serve to get you more appropriate traffic and therefore more business. Now the question is exactly what kind of content will be needed to get the right people visiting a particular site.

There are a few different online tools that you can use to discover the best way to develop your content. You will need to make the decision of whether or not you are willing to spend a fair amount of money on the endeavor or if you’re more interested in using a free tool. What you’ll be looking for are tools that will give you keywords and phrases from which you can generate your articles from.

For instance if you have a site that sells fishing gear you will want to use a keyword tool that will help you analyze the best keywords and phrases to get people who enjoy fishing to visit your site. The major difference between using a free program for this and one you pay for will be time. With a free program you may only get words and phrases directly involving fish, gear or tackle. If you use a program that you pay for you are more like to get a larger variety of phrases around this pertinent information such as trolling, Bass or Salmon.

After you have a few keywords and phrases that aren’t being used by all your competition you can start to formulate topics around these words. These are going to be the articles and content you want to post and keep fresh so that you get a large amount of visitors.