How to Encourage Blog Comments

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Blogs have an advantage over their print counterparts because they allow for interaction. The communication is a two-way street, so there’s less guessing how people felt about a certain article you wrote or whether the audience was engaged. The proof is right there underneath the post in the comments.

Comments are a valuable tool, particularly for businesses. You can get direct feedback from your customers without having to do a formal marketing survey or leave the comfort of your office to see how people on the street feel about a topic. Having an ongoing conversation between your company and your customers can help you to grow and succeed, but how do you start the conversation?

Ask a question. After reading, people may have thoughts about the article but they’re not sure if their thoughts are worth sharing. Let them know that you do want to know by asking at the end of the post.

Be controversial. Choosing a topic that gets people riled up will get the comment section rolling! Afraid that you’ll alienate readers by taking the “wrong” side on an issue? That’s an understandable worry. You don’t always need to share how you feel about the topic, just present facts about both sides of a controversial topic and ask people to duke it out in the comments section.

Reply. Encourage people who have commented to come back and comment again by engaging them. If they ask a question, answer it. If they share a thought, give them more information on that topic. Or it can be as simple as a “thank you.” Being acknowledged for their contribution will keep them coming back for more.

Be patient. Commenting always starts off slow with new blogs, but once you get it started, it tends to grow exponentially. The more people commenting, the more content there is for other people to comment on. Just keep providing valuable content and communicating with your readers, and over time you will build a commenting base!

Of course, these are just a few techniques to encourage comments. What are some tips you’ve used successfully on your blog?