How Often Should You Send Out Your Newsletter?

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Having an e-newsletter just makes sense. It is an inexpensive way to market new products and stay in touch with your customers. But one of the biggest questions people have when starting one up is how often should it be sent out. Daily? Weekly? Monthly?

The answer: you should send it out as often as your customers want you to send it out. Initially, of course, you’ll have no idea, so you’ll want to start out small, maybe monthly or every other week. Over time, keep track of how often people open the email, how many click through to the site, and how many unsubscribe. Then, as you make adjustments to the frequency, you can see how these statistics change. Is the increased frequency leading to more engagement from your readers or less?

The other great thing about internet marketing is that it’s easy to just ask! If you’re considering changing the frequency of your newsletter, include a little poll asking people how often they’d like to find it in their inbox. This won’t give you an exact answer since not all subscribers will reply, but you’ll have a starting point to jump off from.

Another factor to consider is how often you will be able to output a quality product. Putting together a good newsletter takes time. You need to gather interesting material, put together new offers, find compelling graphics, and, perhaps most importantly, craft a really great subject line. If you’re rushing around at the last minute and outputting a shoddy newsletter, you should cut back on how often you send it out.

Whatever frequency you decide to start with, the most important thing is to remain consistent. If you send a newsletter out in January but then don’t send another until April, people will forget they signed up in the first place and will be more likely to unsubscribe. People like to have rituals, so letting them know what to expect and when to expect it can lead to an increase in opens and click-throughs.