How Guest Writers Can Help Build an Audience

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When starting a new blog for your business, one of the biggest challenges you face is getting readers. How do you let people know about the valuable content you are putting on your site? One great resource to tap into, especially when you are starting out, is guest writers. They can bring readership that otherwise might not be aware of what your company is doing.

But what should you look for in a guest writer? Here are a few tips for finding the right match for your company.

Find popular bloggers in your field.

They already have an audience that’s interested in your business and regularly reading content online. These are the people you are looking for. Be sure to request a link on their blog, and you may even want to consider offering them products to review on their blog. You can also share permanent links on each other’s blogrolls, offering you more permanent exposure on their site.

Find bloggers who love your brand.

Even if they don’t have a huge following, they’re likely “taste-makers” in their online community. If you find enough people who are really passionate about your company, they’ll be a small army on the web, creating buzz about your company and your blog.

Find people who have large and active social networks.

On the internet, Ashton Kutcher is a bigger celebrity than Johnny Depp. With over 7 million followers, a tweet by Ashton can bring a big boost to traffic. You may not be able to get social celebrities with such a huge following, but seek out people in your field, clients, even employees who are active in social media to bring some of those eyeballs to your new blog.

Find new experts and commentators in your field.

Your current writing staff is probably phenomenal, but they have a certain viewpoint and set of experiences. Finding different people to share their thoughts and opinions on your site every now and then will keep things interesting for new readers, expanding the range of information and topics they can expect.

Also, consider the reverse: have your staff offer to write blogs for other sites. Make sure to provide a link to your blog and talk up what you are trying to do with it. You’ll be reaching more people with your message and hopefully a few of them will stop by, check it out, and get hooked!