Google’s New Index Changes: Way TOO MUCH Social Media

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The new Google “Search Plus Your World” index has way too many social media hooks. What Google has decided to do is use what I’m going to have to start calling your “Google+ profile,” that is, your social online identity that Google is trying to craft for you, featuring your Likes, your friends (even the ones you don’t know), and, in my case, anything published under my name (a big problem for me), to the very top of every search engine results page.

Here’s the problem in a nutshell. For example, when I type in a phrase like “line,” I expect a few things. I expect a Wikipedia link within the first three results telling me everything I want to know about lines. I expect that I would be able to find a company or brand named “Line.” I also expect to get a lot of search results that mean nothing. Links I’ve never seen before and will never see again.

What I did NOT expect to find was an article written by me for a guest blog four months ago that I +1’d because I wrote it and, admittedly, it’s awesome. I especially did not expect to find said article when the only thing that it can have in common with my search is one ambiguous word in the title, hardly a long tail keyword.

You might infer that this speaks to the amazing SEO work going over at the site, and while I am certain that it is not any less than the best, I would highlight that my own website, which has abysmally bad SEO and is not being actively managed at all, ranked a close second. What I am certain of is that, given the individual topics of the articles, neither are about lines. One is about email marketing and the other about online poker, and I am certain that neither should have come up on a search for the word “line.” I might expect to see these articles if I searched for something more relevant to the articles, but throwing up meaningless social results in every search, in my opinion, ruins my Search experience.

Until Google makes these changes permanent and mandatory, which they have stated their intention to do, I am DISABLING these new changes by:

Using the Options Gear in the top right to open Search Settings.

Disabling Personal Results.

While you’re here, you can also turn off Instant predictions if it nearly gives you a seizure to type in a search query now.