Google Search Solutions and their applications

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Everybody knows that Google search is the best. Don’t you sometimes wish you could “Google” for a document on your corporate network or in a Document Repository?  Well, now you can. With Intechnic’s help you can now bring Google search to your website or Intranet.   Google’s technology allows you to search thousands, millions, even billions of documents in seconds.

Intechnic specializes in and offers various Google search solutions starting from entry-level Google Mini to Enterprise-level Search appliances.  Our integrated hardware and software solutions continuously index all your documents or HTML pages (supporting hundreds of different file formats and languages) so they are readily available to be found if and when necessary.

Did you know that most sales on many e-commerce sites come from the search results? If you are running an online store with a large inventory it is imperative that every product in your inventory can be found through any combination of keywords.   Simple searches that catalogs are usually equipped with often don’t do justice.  If your customers can’t find something they are looking for, chances are – they will be looking elsewhere.

If your organization or website is in need of high-quality Google search capabilities, contact us for more information.