Google Friendly Link Building using White Hat Techniques

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If you have found yourself looking at internet marketing there is a good chance that you have run up against some terms you don’t fully understand and that you are curious about how they can help you grow website traffic and therefore increase your profit margin.

Understanding White Hat And What It Means

Google search engines pick up on keywords that are relevant to searches users perform. So for instance, if you were to search ‘flea control,’ Google will ideally, pull up several articles that are about controlling fleas on your pets. White hat techniques refer to having content on your page that organically draws the attention of search engines because of its relevancy.

There are many ways to improve your chances of attracting the various crawlers without being unethical. By insuring your page has a continual stream of both relevant and original articles you will start to draw interest. To increase the possibility of being pulled up in these searches many sites choose to use SEO. This stands for search engine optimization and in this instance websites choose to make sure that there are keywords, such as ‘flea control,’ strategically placed a number of times in a given article.

To Get This To Work There Must Be Links As Well

Google picks up on articles that link to other websites and information that is relevant to the topic that is being discussed. Because of this it is a wise practice to have your article attached to an outside blog or article as well as a source that is considered credible. In addition, it’s a great idea to get another source to link into your articles. This will help to generate traffic organically to your site and therefore increase sales.

Avoid These Pitfalls

While it may seem like a good idea to use a lot of keywords since a few work so well; it is strongly advised against. This is referred to as ‘keyword stuffing’ and is frowned upon.  The same can be said for links. Just because three in and out links work to build a following don’t assume that twelve will be even better. Remember that the relevancy is the most important item and that a few is better than too many. Finally, you will want to remember that you are not going to see next day results with this type of marketing. A month is often the rule when it comes to increasing your traffic organically.