Generating Traffic Through Article Marketing

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Article marketing is one of the oldest and most successful Internet marketing strategies. Article marketing is typically accomplish through writing yourself or purchasing cheap, media quality content about your product or niche and posting these articles on sites around the Internet including links back to your site.

Article marketing earns you hits in two ways.  First, individuals who read your articles may decide to investigate your product or service further and click on the link pointing back to your site. Second, the back links earn you points with Google’s quality score algorithm, making your page appear higher in search results for relevant terms.

A good way to start article marketing is with a small marketing budget to see what kind of results it earns you. Hiring a writer on a freelance site like is the cheapest way to get loads of content cheaply. Hire an article spinning service, typically for about a  penny per word, for the best bang for your buck. For your first group of posts, this should run about $300 for 100 300-word posts. If you’d like to write the articles yourself, sweat equity can make this entire process completely free, and it has the added benefit of your expert knowledge of the topic at hand. Unless you enjoy writing and do it daily, it’s hard (but not impossible) to put out the kind of article quantity that you’d like to see to get results.

Once you’ve got your posts written and you’ve verified that the content is not duplicated or stolen (run the posts through a premium subscription), spread the articles around the Internet. A common place to post large swaths of articles is at, but another, perhaps better, option is to reach out to non-competitors or hobbyists in your niche and offer to write guest blogs for their sites. This can lead to a higher level of targeted traffic, but finding and contacting dozens of web masters takes time.

You should start seeing an increase in both organic traffic and click-throughs in about a week. One of the values of article marketing is that these gains are permanent. The one-time upfront investment to write the articles will earn ongoing hits. Compare this to an AdWords ad, where the cost is paid for every single click. Remember that professional article marketers invest thousands of dollars in articles upfront to see quick results. Writing three or four articles will have little or no measurable impact.