Free Web Tools for Managing Time Differences

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The world is getting smaller. Businesses today are more international than ever, and this can be true whether you’re part of a large corporation or just an individual hiring yourself out to people on a project to project basis.

Whatever your situation, international business means that you’ll be dealing with people whose work day begins when yours ends – and vice versa. In some ways this can be freeing – you’re not tied to a clock – but it can also be difficult to keep track of what day and time your various clients or employees are on at any given time.

You can blame the internet, but luckily you can also thank it, since there are a number of free web-based tools out there whose sole purpose is to help you keep track of world time differences.

  1. Time and Date – This website not only tells you the local days and times by city, but shows which continents have which time zones and provides other useful information such as dates for local holidays around the world and a list of international dialing codes. Pretty nice!
  2. World Time Zone – What’s really nice about this site is the large, full-color map that gives you a broad-stroke view of every time zone in the world just by glancing at it. Their Sun Clock feature, which tells you where in the world the sun is still up, is another fantastic addition.
  3. World Time Server – Got a presentation you want to put on for people in multiple cities around the world? Tell this site the local time for your event, and they will send you a link that can be emailed to attendees to tell them what time your presentation will start in their neck of the woods.
  4. Time Zone Converter – If you just want to calculate time differences, this might be the site for you because it’s incredibly simple and straightforward. Your time will be on the left. Type a city name into a box on the right and it will instantly tell you what time it is there. Easy-peasy.
  5. Gmail – Too busy to try out new websites? No worries, Gmail has a function that lets you keep track of the local time of the people you’re emailing. Select the “Labs” icon and turn on “sender time zone.” Now, when you send anyone a message, you’ll be able to see the recipient’s current local time. Certainly cuts down on the panic attacks involved in worrying about why someone hasn’t replied yet.