Effective Ways to Use Geo-Targeting for Business Websites

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Geo-Targeting (also called geomarketing or niche-targeting) is the method of determining the geographic location of a website visitor and delivering special content to that visitor based on their location (such as country, region/state, city/metropolitan area, zip code, organization, etc.)

Geo-Targeting is an extremely powerful tool for business websites. The technology allows a website to determine the person’s location quite accurately (for about 95% of website visitors); regardless of whether the visitor is accessing the website from a home/work computer or a mobile device. Over the years we have implemented various geo-targeting solutions and techniques across websites of various types and purposes.

Here are some examples that have proven to be very successful:

  • A website can automatically suggest the closest business locations, local stores or dealers that are in the website’s visitors’ proximity. There is no more need to type in the zip code.
  • Corporate sites for companies with an international presence can automatically direct visitors to the correct country’s website and even switch the website to the visitor’s native language. Same approach can work to automatically serve a website specific to a city or a metropolitan area.
  • Online Retailers can offer special deals and target offers to their customers based on their country/state or city. Even pricing in an online store could vary depending on where the visitor is coming from. Finally, international retailers can automatically show prices in the local currency.
  • Service providers can assure website visitors that they operate in / service their geographical area.
  • Websites can automatically determine which company’s network a visitor is coming from, which could be an invaluable sales tool for companies providing B2B services or products. This allows targeting specific firms or determining that a company is “shopping around”.
  • News websites/portals can automatically determine your location and display relevant local news headlines.
  • Websites can display an embedded Google Map that defaults to the visitor’s current location. This is a great tool that allows a web site visitor to immediately see business locations and their proximity on a local map.
  • Entertainment sites can suggest event and show times for what’s happening in your area.
  • Social networks can locate friends (or suggest new friends) that are the closest to your location.
  • Dating websites can automatically find and suggest matches in your current location.
  • Restaurant chain websites can automatically suggest restaurant locations in your area.
  • Real estate websites can automatically display featured listings in the website visitor’s area.
  • All websites can display relevant local advertisement and announcements to web site visitors based on their location.

As you can imagine, the list goes on! We are continuously exploring new applications of this exiting technology. Let us know if you need help incorporating some of the above-mentioned geo-targeting solutions into your website!