eBay Listings Automation

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eBay API Integration opens up a ton of possibilities for you to automate your eBay selling process. eBay itself doesn’t have too many automation features other than scheduling listings, but that’s not very powerful and has fees. That’s why an eBay Web 2.0 Development solution can be equipped with listing automation features that let you create rules for listing and relisting products.

For example, let’s say your personal system for selling on eBay calls for putting up an auction product (of which you have more than one) but you don’t want to put them all up at once because they compete with each other.  Simply list one product and set it up to keep listing until you have only 2 left in stock (or 0 or 10 or whatever your preference is) and set the system to always maintain 1 listing on eBay, e.g. as soon as one item sells, list another.


If your system is more advanced, let’s say if you’ve had a lot of experience with what to do with unsold products, you can automate what happens when a product doesn’t sell. So for example, when something doesn’t sell, my rules call for decreasing the Minimum Bid by 15%, the Reserve by 25%, the Buy Now by 20%, and Shipping I leave the same.


That’s it for now. Of course there are many more possibilities. Just think about what you’re already doing on eBay with your listings and what you’d like a computer to take out of your hands.