eBay API Dual Sell

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One of the most popular and useful features of the eBay API is the ability to “dual sell”. This feature utilizes inventory management to keep track of how many products you have in stock and in what channels.  As a result, even if you know you only have a quantity of one of a certain product, you can still safely list it on both eBay and your E-commerce site because if it sells on one channel, the inventory count will be decreased and if necessary the item will be removed or placed into “out of stock” status.  By doing so, you maintain a higher rating on eBay by keeping returns due to not having a product to ship low, and at the same time you don’t lose out on the opportunity to sell on multiple channels.

Combined with Amazon API integration, Overstock API integration, and other E-commerce stores, the same one item can potentially be listed on much more than two channels, allowing the site owner maximum exposure for their products.  Moreover, “dual sell” can be combined with other business automation features, for example by setting rules to change the price of a product or move it from channel to another if it doesn’t sell after a certain period of time.