Custom Content Management Systems

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With website design, users usually want to have the ability to change the text on their page, add new pages, and remove outdated ones.  Content management systems do just that and let the user click edit buttons over text and update what’s written on the page, the images, and text formatting.

With web 2.0 development websites, there are often more complex features that stand out, often more than just a simple text page.  However, even though they may have complex/interesting features, they can still be kept up to date by non-technical people.  For example, the new site has a staff section.  No one needs to go in and drop in the staff photos and place them in the exact right place, the content management system is customized to automate this task – the user simply adds a new staff member, enters their name and picture, and the system automatically puts them in the right place and creates a details page for them.