Corporate Blogging Study: Bill Marriott

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What sets the Marriott blog apart from most other corporate blogs is its author: Bill Marriott, the chairman and CEO of Marriott international. When readers come to the website, they are getting word of the man himself.  He dictates them on a weekly basis.

According to a recent entry, the idea to launch the blog was Kathleen Matthews’, head of their global communications department. The investment of time has paid off as the company credits millions in direct sales from the blog. It has also been a useful platform for communication when emergency situations like bombings or hostage takings take place on their properties, allowing them to get the facts out.

The personal involvement of the CEO likely has much to do with the blog’s success. Putting a face on the company can help people to connect with your brand. Of course, getting the CEO or company chairman to blog isn’t possible for all companies, and that’s okay. There are many ways you can still make your blog feel more personal.

Hire a ghostwriter. Does the CEO want to share his or her voice with your customers but just doesn’t have the time or writing skills? Maybe a current staff member has an interest and can spend a few minutes each week working with the CEO. Or you can hire a professional freelance ghostwriter.

Have guest posts from the CEO. Maybe the company head can’t commit to blogging every day, but what about once a month? This still allows the readers to feel like they’re getting access to the head honcho.

Select another staff member. It doesn’t have to be the boss. Putting the face of any employee on your blog can help readers feel more connected to the company. Be sure to include a bio and photo.

Switch it up. Maybe there isn’t a staff member who is able to take on the responsibility completely. If that’s the case, you can always ask people to participate for just a week or two, and then switch to someone else.