Corporate Blog Study: Dell

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Blogs, as a rule, should focus on a pretty specific area and type of content if they want to be successful and attract an audience, even when we are talking about blogs for companies. But what if you are a giant corporation like Dell, with many different divisions and thousands upon thousands of employees? Well, you might follow Dell’s example in two different ways.

First, they made the decision early on that it wasn’t possible to simply have a “Dell blog.” Their company is just too big and complicated to be encapsulated in a single place, so they have multiple blogs concentrating on different facets of their business – products, technology, investor relations, and so on. This way, investors coming to read about how the company is doing don’t have to wade through a bunch of information about education, and vice versa.

Second, and possibly just as important, Dell organizes all of these blogs onto a single landing page from which you can access the individual sites for any of them. What’s great about this is that the landing page is very clear and well-organized, making it easy to find the particular blog you’re looking for, but it also displays portions of recent posts from the various blogs on the landing page, which might entice people new to that particular Dell blog to click on it.

One area in which Dell could improve is in connecting this landing page and their various blogs to their hyper-successful YouTube video blog. Currently, there is no direct link to the Dell Vlog from the landing page. You either have to know the web address to the vlog and manually enter it or stumble upon an embedded video in one of the blogs that will connect you to it. Adding better connectivity here and on the vlog page would help to encourage more visits between the two sites.

Consider how your company blog is organized. What type of people will be visiting? Are you making it easier or harder for the various segments of your audience to go directly to the content they really want? Even if you don’t decide to have separate blogs, you may want to use categories and tags to make it easier for your readers.