Completely Ridiculous Tech Scenes in Movies

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Working with technology close-up and having always been around it,  some tech / computer / hacking scenes in movies have always just cracked me up. Anyone in a similar position should also get a good kick out of these.

Hackers (1995)

Zer0 cool’s nemesis in the move wrote a “worm” that chipped away at the company’s profits and put small amounts of cash into his account using this 3-D super magic programming language…

Swordfish (2001)

Hackers isn’t the only one programming in 3-D. In Swordfish, where John Travolta fights terror with terror, they like to write computer viruses using some sort of goofy crystal ball. Are those Photoshop tools on the left? A nice touch is how it’s “Decrypting Data” on the floor of some virtual hallway.

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Masterminds (1997)

Here all we have to do is type “initialize phone routing system” and everyone thinks we’re in Hong Kong. Then, we run through a video game map in under 2 minutes while facing threats from a virtual prosecutor in order to gain access to some sort of top secret database.