Best Places to Find Content for Your Blog

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Best Places to Find Content for your BlogWhen writing on a specific niche it can sometimes be hard to spin out article after article. In a niche blog, however, it is vital to the blog’s success to have as many niche-related articles as possible.  When you feel as though you’ve hit a blogging wall, there are still plenty of ideas to get those articles flowing again.


A personal favorite for topics to write about comes from books.  There are so many people who look at 3-10 web pages and write an article based on what they read at each. Imagine how many of the “original” article writers do the same thing. So in essence, the majority of what readers see online are simply a bunch of rewrites. I enjoy going to the library, selecting a huge, non-fictional book on my subject and using that as my research for the next couple weeks. If you choose to do this, it is great to pick out three or four books, read through the chapters, and take notes on each in your own words. Then the next morning, write out articles based on your notes, chapter by chapter, in different words again.  This is 100% original, factual, and high quality content.

News and Current Events

The same process can be used for news articles. You can get the local and national paper online, or you can go to a nearby newsstand and purchase them. You can even follow international news. Find interesting topics and write about them, and, if you intend on going all-out for extremely good content, try contacting the main interviewees of the published article for your own interview.

Blogging on Other Peoples’ Blogs

Did you know that it is possible to earn backlinks without rewriting article after article and having to submit content to a multitude of article directories? Any blogger can understand how time consuming this is; anything that saves time while promoting your website(s) is a no brainer.

Consider making a presence on other popular blogs, your friend’s blogs and even semi-popular blogs.  You can post mini articles, or snippets, helpful comments and even insightful comments. You can then link back to a similar blog page or just your blog in general.  The chances that someone will see this and click is going to be quite high and you will get seen and receive more traffic.

Every blogger has probably heard the phrase “Content is King,” but traffic, not content, is the end goal; no one will see your content if you aren’t driving traffic there.  The more places you promote yourself and your blog out there, the better your traffic will be. Promotion is extremely important to blogging.  If you are short on time, sick of spinning and rewrites, plugging into article directories and sending emails to fellow bloggers, give yourself a break. Browse big blogs, read about interesting information, and leave a meaningful post on those articles; just don’t forget to link back to yourself.

While you shouldn’t entirely forgo other means of backlinking and networking, there is no reason to constantly bore yourself rewriting the same things in a different way a dozen times.