Best Online April Fool’s Day Pranks- Part 2

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21. Offer one million followers to anyone who follows you or re-tweets your comments for the day.

22. Create an automatic response thanking spammers from your junk mail for their offer

23. Ask questions about your company’s services, so your company’s profile looks you are asking your social networks about your own services, and see how users respond.

24. Provide instructions for a new technology that shows you how to skip through websites and helps you navigate to the end of the web.

25. Create a How to about how to weave a world wide web of your own and log in as a spider.

26. Discover an Instant Internet Generator button.

27. Create a news release about stolen shopping carts from an online shopping website.

28. Create a quick-fix solution for scratches and blemishes on mobile devices and display a picture of an iPad covered in white-Out marks.

29. Post a Facebook alert about stolen “Likes” and report it to Facebook (only do this ON April 1st).

30. Create an online ad campaign for awareness about harsh treatment of web crawlers.

31. Create an IT ticket requesting an in-depth extermination of bugs.

32. Have an IT guy help you figure out how to turn on an old device (we’re talking Game Boy here).

33. Send an email to co-workers asking how much you should tip the IT specialist for (insert ridiculously simple task).

34. Create a pop-up notification and make it appear each time a click it made saying “How would you prefer to pay per click for the current browsing session?”

35. Ask your IT department if they know how to activate your internet’s air conditioner because it’s getting really hot.

36. Post this comment on Twitter and see how your followers react: “Tweet this to avoid new social networking fees”.

37. Create an out-of-office email replay explaining that in observance of April Fool’s Day, you have volunteered to participate in the festivities, and will be available via Facebook Likes, Direct Tweets to @(your handle), or comments made on your blog, (link to your blog).

38. Create demotivational posters of your friends or co-workers.

39. Break e-mail message into shorter parts and include “….to be continued in part 2, 3, 4, etc”.

40. Discover a cure for Internet Addiction.

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