Best Online April Fool’s Day Pranks- Part 1

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1. Upside down website!

2. Let website visitors know that they’re live on the air and to wave to their audience.

3. Change all of your user icons.

4. Post an announcement advertising an opening for your boss’s job.

5. Announce a website takeover.

6. Create a video of your workplace and post it on your website so visitors will think they accessed your company’s surveillance footage.

7. Create a mandatory online meeting and invite your employees and team members, then tell a very short joke or riddle.

8. Create a webcast about an important policy change

9. Create an email alert and adjust the settings, enabling recurring reminder alerts on your computer or mobile device.

10. Post flyers around your office that say “Missing Twitter Bird!”  Please notify ( to report any suspicious activity on your Twitter feed.

11. Sign your boss up for a dating site.

12. Send your co-worker a text message or e-mail early in the morning letting them know you’re sorry to hear about them getting fired.

13. Edit your website display so people think they can browse through your company’s confidential files and or data.

14. Send someone an e-receipt confirming the delivery one IT professional, exchange or online credit only.

15. Create auto generated email replies using phrases from a Magic 8 Ball.

16. Create a blue screen of death for your app so people will think they’re mobile device crashed.

17. Send an important announcement regarding imminent internet expiration date.

18. Create a countdown on your website indicating a temporary, worldwide internet shut-down for maintenance.

19. Create a How to article using mad libs.  A fun alternative would be to create a web-form using the same mad-lib method, letting users fill in the blanks and submit their results to be published.

20. Create instructions for How to prevent your internet from rust and other harmful chemicals.

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Disclaimer: Use your discretion! How Not to Get Sued on April Fools’ Day

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