Best Business Apps for New Year

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You might have any weapon for staying connected- iPad to iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or a Palm device- but you need entrepreneur apps to make your life easy. And there are thousands of them in the market, available for download. In this coming year, make sure you have the best business apps to boost your productivity.

Springpad (Free)
Springpad lets you have a place where you can easily and quickly save things that you need to remember. You can scan a barcode, create a task, take a note, or look for the CD your friend wanted. And the best part of this app is that Springpad is everywhere, reminding you things that you need to remember. Just Spring it, and you will have it when you need it.

Evernote (Free)
It’s one of the task creation apps that help you stay up-to-date with your schedule. You won’t be an absent minded professor anymore with Evernote virtual memos that would be there on-demand. It can store photos, voice recording, and text. So you can snap a pic or dictate text into your device and sync it with your tablet, smart phone, or computer. You can even tag notes and other things by location.

FlightTrack Pro ($9.99)
Frequent fliers know that it is a headache to keep track of the delayed and missed flights, not to mention the last moment gate changes. FlightTrack Pro keeps track of airport delays, arrival times, and other relevant data. It even checks for flight cancellations and gate numbers. And if you are a real flying enthusiast, you can check the type of aircraft, altitude, and speed of your flight.

Square (Free)
Now you can process your credit card payments from your iPhone. Square is a card reading app that can be used anywhere. It has universal fee of 2.75% per transaction. Apart from that, it has no contracts or monthly charges, thus making it easy for freelancers, individual contractors, and small businesses. Discover, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa- all are accepted by this app.

Scanner Pro($6.99)
Transform your iPhone into a portable and handy multiple page scanner that can get electronic copies of signed documents, business cards, and invoices. From contracts to meeting notes- it has high quality edge detection and image processing that gives accurately scanned images. You can even password-protect your files and setup custom page size.

Jump Desktop ($19.99)
It acts like a remote control to your desktop. You may be anywhere, but as long as you have this little app, you are always close to your office computer. You can manage folders and files present on your computer. It is compatible with both PC and Mac systems.