Benefits of Chromebooks for Business

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Businesses of all sizes are quickly moving to the cloud in search of better communication and collaboration tools and mobile access.  But migrating to the cloud only goes so far if your business is still working on traditional computers.  So Google has a solution: Chromebooks.

Google first introduced Chromebooks in May 2011 as the first computer to run completely within the confines of the Google Chrome web browser. And just as Google developed a cloud service platform specifically for business, Google Apps for Business, they have also developed Chromebooks for Business.

Chromebooks are available for purchase from Samsung or Acer, and both models work to increase the productivity of your business while improving security measures and lowering IT costs.  Chromebooks can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi or 3G.

With a lightweight, portable design, an eight-second start up, an instant resume feature, and a battery that will last throughout an entire workday, Chromebooks are guaranteed to further improve the productivity of any business.

A unique feature of Chromebooks is that they operate entirely in the cloud and therefore do not contain an internal hard drive.  Although this may seem unsettling at first, there are countless benefits to this complete cloud-based system.  All information that your employees store in a Chromebook is saved directly to the cloud, taking universal access to the next level.  Employees will have access to their entire Chromebook, including files, applications, and settings, from any Chromebook, computer, or web-enabled device.  This universal access also eliminates the need to migrate data from one computer to another when your business upgrades its technology.

The Chrome Web Store offers a variety of browser-based applications to improve your business’ daily functions that your employees can access quickly and easily.  The web store even offers custom-built apps.

If your business uses a program that simply won’t work within the web browser, you can turn to the desktop virtualization technology available for Chromebooks.  This technology will allow you to run the program without any problems.

Security of information is a major concern for all businesses, and Google kept this in mind when designing Chromebooks.  The automatic updates that occur every time a Chromebook is turned on, are just the first of many layers of defense that Chromebooks employ against malware and viruses.  “Sandboxing” is a defense unique to Chromebooks.  The sandbox means that each tab opened runs in a confined environment, or a sandbox, so that any potentially infected sites will be contained within this tab and not spread anywhere else on the Chromebook.  The Verified Boot feature serves as a back up to the sandbox, and this self-check ensures that any malware or virus that manages to make its way outside of the sandbox will be immediately detected and any damage will be fixed every time a Chromebook is booted up.  Data Encryption guarantees that any data accessed on a Chromebook is stored in Google’s secure cloud network or encrypted with tamper-resistant hardware.

Yet another security feature of the Chromebook comes into play if one of your business’ Chromebooks happens to break or be stolen.  No data is broken or stolen along with the Chromebook because it is all stored in the cloud and not on the computer itself.

With all the benefits of Chromebooks, you might expect them to be costly, but in fact their price is just another way these new computers will benefit your business.  For $28/Chromebook/month, Chromebooks for Business come standard with a cloud-based management system, operating system and hardware, and full support from Google.  Chromebooks for Business receive automatic updates every time they are turned on, eliminating the need for repairs, upgrades, imaging, or patching, and therefore drastically lowering your business’ IT expenses.  System administrators also have access to the easy-to-use web-based management console through which they can update settings, themes and apps, and restricted log ins on all company devices at once.  These cost-saving measures taken together result in a major drop in IT costs, as Chromebooks can cost up to 70% less than traditional computers.

The benefits of Chromebooks to any business are endless given their productivity features, security measures, and cost-saving tools.

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