7 Simple Steps for Creating a Video Screencast

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When introducing new and cutting-edge services, you will always be faced with communication challenges about HOW TO SIMPLY explain what your product/service is about, and how to create buzz around your innovation.

There is a great and simple way: VIDEO SCREENCASTS.

A Screen cast allows you to create professional videos, without hiring Steven Spielberg.

Here are the steps for creating a Video Screencast:

1. Choose your tool.
There are numerous, free and paid screen cast programs online. I have personally worked with JING. http://www.techsmith.com/jing.html?gclid=CPrJvfvlua0CFQQCQAodxDX3BQ

2. Strategy.
Developing a product for many months or years reduces your ability to see your creation from the perspective of those seeing it for the first time. Partner with your friend or someone who has never used your services before. The more time you put into thinking and planning, the less time you will spend on execution of the Screencast. Develop your script and storyboard. For my Screencast, I created a simple Excel document with one column for text, and in another column I inserted “screen grabs” or video files.

3. Record and edit.
Record video and easily edit it after with Camtasia Studio software (http://www.techsmith.com/download/camtasia/default.asp)- very simple and intuitive, even for technically challenged females like myself.

4. Record audio SEPARETLY.
Strongly recommend to divide this work for better quality production. Although Camtasia allows you to record video and voice at the same time, I found it much easier to concentrate on one thing at the time.

5. Connect video with voiceover.
Make sure whatever happens on the screen corresponds with your audio file.

6. Choose the background track!
Music always elevates the mood, and adds positive vibrations, subconsciously making your product more attractive. Make sure to either purchase your tracks, or order jingles from a composer.  You can also get them from your local library for free. http://musicbakery.com/

7. Adjust volume and length.

Also! To add more romantic flair and likability to your screencast- add appropriate video footage. There are bunch affordable solutions on the web. One of my favorites: http://www.istockphoto.com/

Watch the video screencast we created for Goal-Buddy.com!