6 Reasons for Bad Web Designing Decisions

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There are many times when we come across a website so frustrating to work with, that we can’t help but wonder, ‘What kind of Einstein built that?’

And since I’m on both sides of the fence, I can think of a few reasons that contribute to the making of a bad web design. Let me list them here:

  1. Too much on the plate
    Most bad web designing decisions are made when the team has a lot of work to do. It’s not like the team wants to come up with a bad design, it’s just that they cannot put in enough time and resources to find the best solution for the project in hand.
  2. Time’s running out
    Almost all web development projects have fixed deadlines because they have to be launched on a certain date. I have never seen any project where the team has decided, ‘Yes, that’s perfect, let’s launch it.’ Instead, things work according to dates and deadlines.
  3. HIPPO factor
    HIPPO, or the HIghest Paid Person’s Opinion, is given extreme importance. Many times, the team arrives at a decision, but some high executive, or marketing boss, or other top guy overrules it.
    According to me, while going through a design mockup, some stakeholders will focus on user goals, while others will take visual design into consideration. It’s all a matter of personal preference.
    Most team members go with the follow your boss approach, since there aren’t many options anyway.
  4. Talent deficiency
    Every person on the team is not a star performer. Sometimes you can iterate on a piece of functionality or design only so much before you implement it- keeping the project deadlines in mind. Every so often you have to go with ‘good enough’ instead of ‘actually good’.
    Also keep in mind that sometimes perfect kills good. While you devote your time and energy on one feature trying to make it perfect, you might be ignoring other important parts.
  5. Isolation
    Web teams generally don’t get to see their customers and users a lot, and thus they are isolated from their targeted audience. Add the factor of limited resources and you have a recipe for bad web designing decisions.
  6. Technology
    Not every site operates on the latest CMS. There are many times when the team faces technological limitations. There might be any reason for it, but it leads to several minor (or sometimes major) problems in the website. And if these issues are not fixed, they might lead to other problems, eventually forcing the project to be moved onto a new CMS or platform. And you know it takes really long that way.

Are you making these mistakes? Make sure you steer clear of these problems in order to deliver a clean and user friendly website.