6 Easy Tactics to Optimize your E-commerce Site this Holiday

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It’s no secret that the holiday shopping season is quickly approaching.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner, have you made the necessary changes to your e-commerce store in preparation for the sales?

Did you know that Black Friday started back in 1960s, and Cyber Monday only started in 2005? Since then, about 83% of consumers prefer to shop online than in crowded stores during the Thanksgiving weekend. On Thanksgiving Day, 2010, online sales were up 33% compared to sales in 2009, with AOV (Average Order Values) up by 14%.

Taking those numbers into account, I’d like to offer you some key tactics to help make your e-commerce site more successful, starting with Thanksgiving weekend.

1. Email. Don’t underestimate the power of Email. Start sending email campaigns as early as possible. In 2010, top retailers began their holiday campaigns in the middle of October.

Don’t forget to optimize your “Subject Line” by including Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts: Shop Black Friday Specials – Save Up to 50%, or Cyber Monday savings + Free shipping.

2. Utilize PPC Advertising. Why? Because it works. Studies show that online revenue from PPC during 2010 holiday season grew almost 70%, and conversion rates (percent of clicks converted into sales) increased by 21%. But don’t spend all of your money on PPC, rather base keyword adjustments on shoppers’ mindsets. Also, adjust ad text on corresponding landing pages.

3. Increase AOV (Average Order Value) by offering Free Shipping on purchases over a certain amount.

Rewards Programs, Gift Cards and other Special Discounts- offer a percentage or dollar amount off on certain items or purchase price.

4. Decrease Bounce Rates. This can be done using following techniques:
- Announce any special offer on prime site real estate, like your homepage
- Highlight featured and popular products
- Decreasing load times of your Website by using CDN (Content Delivery Network)

5. Black Friday specific tip. On average, online shoppers begin shopping around 10am – I recommend holding back on email sends to be at the top of their inboxes.

6. Cyber Monday specific tip. 45 – 50% Cyber Monday purchases are made at work, so I highly recommend sending emails during standard business hours.

Make sure to have fun this weekend and take advantage of some of the great sales this weekend.

All of the best!