5 Things You Probably Did Not Know About Google

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Try finding someone who hasn’t heard of Google. It’s a company so big that even your grandma would know its name. What lies in the secret lairs of the biggest tech giant that people don’t know about? And why should you know more about Google anyway? Well…. because we love Google and its fun! Here are some fun facts that you prolly didn’t know about Google:

  1. First Google doodle

We all enjoy the occasional homepage doodles that Google brings us. They keep things interesting (as if they aren’t already!). Page and Brin took a break in 1998 to visit the Burning Man festival. To let their users know that they’re out for the festival and won’t be able to fix technical problems, they drew a Google doodle. That was the very first one.

2.Google speed

If you had to perform a manual search on the 3 billion web pages of Google, going at about 1 minute per page, it would take you 5707 years. And how long does the Google engine take? About 0.5 seconds. The “I’m feeling lucky” button that is known to increase the speed of your search is rarely used. But taking it down would reduce the entire Google experience, so it still sits there.

3. The renting of goats

Google rents goats, and not as a part of an April fool’s joke. The company does that to keep bushes and weeds under control. The guys rent them from California Grazing to keep weeds out of their headquarters’ lawns. This process is better for the environment and cuter to watch.

4. Dog friendly policies

Google loves pets and allows people to bring their dogs temporarily. Having a dog around can make your day, but all dogs aren’t well-behaved. This is why Google policies state that any aggressive behavior, like barking, growling, biting, or chasing is highly unacceptable. At the very first complaint, the pet would have to be taken home immediately, and if any employee has allergic reaction to a dog, they may ask the pet owner to keep their dogs at home. Also, dog owners are responsible for their cleaning up.

5. Google and language

In 2006, Oxford and Merriam Webster added the verb, ‘google’ to their word list. You would think the company would have been happy, but on the contrary, they were pretty upset about it. They wanted the word to be used only while referring to the company and not otherwise.

They had their own reasons. They believed that adding their name to dictionary would be against their brand identity. I, personally, think it did wonders for the company. Plus, since most of us are googling for stuff these days, I don’t think Google had a winning battle.

Here are a couple of googlistic words for you:

  • Googler: A person working in Google Inc./A person who visits Google very often
  • Noogler: A person who just joined Google Inc.Which brings me to another point: every noogler gets a nameplate and a yellow smiley balloon. Working at Google surely sounds interesting. There are hundreds of perks (fat paychecks included), but the biggest perk of all? Free lunch!