5 Social Marketing Trends to Expect in 2012

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The internet is always changing, and business are trying to keep ahead of the curve, adopting new ways to get their message out to their clients and customers. Keep an eye out for these trends in the New Year.

Infographics – You can get your message across in a fast and fun way with these graphic visual representations of data. What’s not to love? They have seen increased use in 2011 and are expected to become even more popular in 2012, making their way into new areas and applications.

Location Based Marketing – With more consumers using GPS-enabled devices in their day to day lives, it just makes sense to take into account the customer’s current location when deciding whether to send them a marketing message. New features and tools are being added constantly in this area, so expect major development in 2012.

Video – Did you know that internet video accounts for 40 percent of consumer Internet traffic? That’s expected to rise to 62% by 2015. More sites may try to seize this trend by sharing video content on their sites, hosting video events, and even producing video newsletters.

Fewer Group Buying Sites – 2011 saw a boom in group buying sites, but this also lead to more publicity about the lack of their effectiveness for businesses who often lost money in the deals, saw little repeat business, and ended up with more negative reviews on Yelp and other similar sites. Not to mention that Groupon’s bottom line didn’t seem as impressive once its books were reveals when it went public. Group buying isn’t going away, but expect it to fade a little in 2012.

More Social Media Marketing – In general, more businesses will focus on starting or expanding their social networks and blogs in an effort to reach more companies. A recent research survey by the Content Marketing Institute found that 60% of respondents indicate that they plan to increase their content marketing budgets over the next 12 months. Expect to see more dynamic websites with greater opportunities for engaging their customers.

What are some ways your company plans to improve its social marketing in 2012?