5 Goals for Your Blog in 2012

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Did you know that companies that maintain blogs have 55% more website visitors than those that don’t? If there’s one area of your website to focus on, a blog is it. Here are a few goals you can set for your company’s blog in 2012 and ways you can reach them.

Post regularly. Many companies have blogs that are rarely updated, and as a result, they never built up an audience and benefit from those extra website visitors. Ideally, you want to update your blog at least 2 to 3 times a week, but start with a smaller goal if you’re nowhere near that frequency now. Consider assigning the responsibility to one employee, creating a schedule for updates, or hiring a freelance writer.

Guest post regularly. A great way to bring new people to your blog is to offer your expertise to other, larger blogs. You may be surprised at how many will not only be open to the idea but also be excited about it. In return, they’ll share a link to your blog, and you’ll hopefully find a bunch of new readers. Make it a goal to guest post somewhere once a month.

Get more comments. Look at the posts that had the most comments last year. What do they have in common? You can also encourage comments by directly asking people. Post a question at the end of each post to get the conversation started. And of course, don’t forget to respond when people do comment, so they’ll be more likely to come back and comment again.

Improve your SEO. Providing regular updates on your blog is already a great way to improve your rank. Search engines love content. But there are many others ways you can be further optimizing your content without sacrificing quality. Find out a tip or two and start implementing them on your blog.

Start sharing posts on social networks. If you aren’t already doing this, what’s stopping you? With tools like HootSuite, it’s super easy to do. If you’ve been sharing your content on social networks for a while now, set a goal for building your audience.

What are your business’s 2012 goals for your blog?

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