5 Effective Marketing Strategies for Online Brands

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If you’re an online brand, it’s all about the marketing. It’s simply not enough to build the website, create SEO-based content, and wait for people to come. You have to let customers know that you are alive and well and ready for business. You have to let consumers know that you have something of value to offer them. Here are four effective marketing strategies for online brands, ones that are sure to get your name out there in a good way:

Be Active on Social Media

This is more than having an online presence on the most popular social networks, but actually engaging with fans, posting content, and making it an interactive experience. Inviting people to it isn’t enough. You need to post content or status updates at least twice a week. You need to customize that background and that cover photo. You need to respond to tweets and to comments, both positive and negative. Put the “social” in social media. It’s not called sales media or advertising media.

Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog

If you could only do one thing to market your online brand, then business blogging is it. Companies who blog get 55% more web visitors, 97% more inbound links, and 434% more indexed pages than those that don’t blog. Sounds like the kind of numbers every online brands needs to ensure that their marketing is effective. To achieve those numbers, however, it’s recommended that brands blog at least twice per week.

Email Marketing

The purpose of email marketing is to do lead nurturing, or provide multiple opportunities for the potential customers to get to know your brand. Not everyone will be interested or ready to buy right away. So, email marketing is a good way to stay in front of those people. Use email marketing to showcase special offers, to touch base on how customers liked your product/service, or to share some of those blog posts and social media statuses.

Off-Page SEO

It’s very easy to include keywords in the on-page content of your website. But, what about the off-page stuff, such as the photos, page titles, and meta descriptions? All those are considered when ranking websites for search results, so spending time on them will help with getting found online. Make sure to have each web page target one or two keywords at most, and to keep the keyword consistent throughout the page.

Press Releases

It’s advised that social media and blogs and emails are used to create content that doesn’t talk so much about the company, but about what the customers wants. However, press releases are the place for company news and events, and are great for SEO and for improving credibility and brand awareness. Use press releases to inform about the new employee your hired, the new product you’ve released, or maybe an award the brand has won.

Online brands need to market themselves, and there’s no one way or combination that’s the magic bullet to overnight success. However, using one, all, or some of these five effective marketing strategies will certainly help.

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