4 Ways Businesses Use Twitter For Business

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Twitter is an incredible marketing platform for businesses because it offers a unique opportunity to engage and interact with consumers, while creating a gateway for new people to find them, that otherwise might never have found them. Since consumers have an overabundance of choices when it comes to where they get their information online, it’s important for businesses to understand the benefits of different social media channels, in order to benefit the most them. Twitter is one of the most popular microblogging applications because it allows business to cut through the clutter and provide short, consistent and noticeable messages directly to consumers.

Some of biggest ways that businesses can benefit from using Twitter include:

1. Collaboration and Interaction. Businesses can use twitter to monitor and/or respond to key conversations that people are having about their products, services, brands, customers, competitors, etc., online. Twitter can also be used to ensure that the company is actively participating and positively represented.

  • Best Buy is a great example of a company using Twitter to successfully engage with their customers, by using their @Twelpforce account to provide real-time customer service.  As one of the first companies to offer this type of on demand service, Best Buy was able set itself apart from the competition by offering customers a useful resource that didn’t require them to make a trip to the store.

2. Awareness: Twitter is a great tool for companies to differentiate themselves from competitors.  It gives businesses the ability to inform and direct online buzz about company affairs and proceedings, or generate interest about new products.


  • Ben & Jerry’s recently came out with a chocolate flavor made with Fair Trade Certified Cocoa, and in an effort to promote World Fair Trade Day, the ice cream giant also launched a social campaign called “Sweet Treats,” that gives Twitter users the opportunity to help spread awareness about a good cause. It’s not uncommon to have space left over in a Tweet, even with a 140-character limit, so Ben & Jerry’s came up with a way to use that extra space by inserting a message about Fair Trade.
  • 3. Relationship Building: With Twitter, companies can build networks and relationships with a global audience.  By reading and commenting on what others are saying and providing feedback, your tweets become useful resources rather than promotional tools.  People are more likely to follow you if you can add value to your content, whether your tweets informative or educational.

    Similarly, companies can acknowledge and promote other people and businesses, which in turn, can help generate new leads or get your business on the radar of other users.  This is also an effective way to get others to tweet about your business.

    • Zappos.com has always been ahead of marketing game, and social media has hardly changed that for the online retailer. One of the driving factors behind the company’s success has to do with how much they value their customers and want them to have a positive experience.  Not only is Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, a regular Tweeter, several hundred Zappos employees also have accounts and tweet regularly.  And if you don’t already follow Zappos on Twitter (which you should), you won’t find them posting promotional tweets, and instead try to focus on tweeting about things that they find either inspirational, motivational and interesting, which not only gives their followers something of value, but ultimately reflects the positive values of the company too.  “The customers that are following @Zappos on Twitter seem to really enjoy it because it allows them to interact with us on a much more personal level. I’ve heard anecdotally of people buying from us because of our Twitter presence,” said Hsieh.

    4.Brand Building: A direct tweet is only one of the ways companies can use Twitter to promote products and services. There are so many ways that you can integrate Twitter accounts with other social media accounts, including your Blog or your Facebook account for example, or you can increase your efforts further by promoting your business/company through other marketing outlets, such as placing your Twitter address on your business card or on your invoices.

    • JetBlue really helped pioneer the way that many companies are using Twitter to build their brand.  They recognized Twitter’s potential early on, and today, JetBlue has well over 1.5 million followers, and is one of the top 100 Twitter accounts.  Here’s how they got here: genuinely caring about their customer’s experience by seizing the opportunity to communicate with them on a personal level.  Every chance they get to interact with a customer is also another chance for JetBlue to communicate its brand.

    Twitter is a growing, real-time, social community platform, which is continuously evolving and presenting businesses new marketing opportunities.  The ability to communicate and engage with online customers gives companies of any size the edge that they never had in the past. And since Twitter was initially meant to serve as just a simple update tool, its simplicity is part of what makes it so successful.  It’s also one of the easiest tools a business can use to ensure its own success, so if you aren’t using Twitter already, sign up and let us know what you’ve been waiting for.