4 Tricks to Increasing Your Klout Score

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For those who don’t know, the Klout score measure your ability to drive action on social media, whether that be through comments, retweets, mentions, shares etc. It ranges from one to 100, and considers how many people you influence, how much you influence them, and the influence of your network. It’s a good measure of how you’re doing with your social media campaigns.

But, it takes work to increase your Klout score and to keep it high. A few days without tweeting, posting, comments, and replies will do damage to your score. The score may seem meaningless, since no one looks at it or evaluates it but yourself. Yet, the Klout score is an excellent indicator of whether or not your social media presence is engaging clients and customers, or is just there. Here are a few tricks to increasing your score, and ensuring that your social media presence is more than “just there”:

Mention Companies on Social Media – If you can, mention another business. If doesn’t have to a competitor. Recognize that awesome coffee shop down the street. Tweet the latest news from your vendors. Encourage your fans to become fans of other businesses. Tell your followers to follow other great businesses with Follow Friday (hashtag #ff). Businesses love press, so throw them a bone once in a while. Not only will they retweet or reply, but they will increase your Klout score as they do it.

Purge the Bad Seeds – If you’re connected to a lot of Twitter users who have never tweeted, or haven’t tweeted in months, you might be better off disconnecting. Same goes for those Facebook users who don’t post news status or share articles. Klout considers the influence of your network, and these people aren’t influencing anyone. On top of that, you’re not influencing them. They aren’t using their accounts enough to be influenced by your or anyone else. Although getting rid of them will make your network smaller, it’s better of have a small network of highly engaging folks than a large one with only a few folks engaging on social media.

Add All the Social Media Sites Possible – Klout can now connect to WordPress, Google+, and Foursquare, with plans of connecting to Quora, Posterous, and Yelp. With 12 popular sites available for connection, you’re only shortchanging yourself and your score by not connecting to all that you have. On the flip side, don’t create accounts for the sake of connecting them to Klout. If you aren’t going to use them, or you don’t know many customers or clients on those sites, then having those accounts won’t help as much as you’d think.

Start and Engage in Discussions – If someone does post a comment or reply to your tweet, say something in return. The whole point of social media is to have something to say to people. Take the time to comment and respond to the content of others as well (don’t just take. Give too). You can also engage by following or retweeting the tweets of highly influential people. This improves the influence of your own network, while giving you a chance to get in touch with someone worthwhile.

Overall, your social media activities need to be consistent in order for your Klout score to say something accurate about your actions. Klout has a score for you no matter what, so if you only tweet once or twice a month, your score would be low simply because you don’t do enough with social media, not necessarily because you have poor influence. If you already do a lot with social media, then pay attention to your Klout score!