3 Secrets of Successful Blogging

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Using a blog to drive traffic to your website is a very wise technique that many businesses are using today. Blogs are known best for offering guidance, advice, and key information on products and services, therefore, are widely used amongst consumers today. When you are marketing your site online, using blogs is going to provide a great influence as you are answering relevant questions or addressing relevant issues with the products and services that you sell. You can utilize search engine optimization within the blog to ensure that search engines are picking up your blog entries, which allows your blog to gain the respect and trust of consumers before they become customers. Successful bloggers follow a recipe that works for driving traffic.

Secret #1: Don’t Stuff Keywords

Yes, keywords are entirely essential to building your website’s rank on search engines. It is important to pick popular and yet less competitive keywords when writing your content. However, there does come a time when SEO goes too far.

Generally speaking, SEO suggests a keyword density of no more than four percent. So if you are following a guideline of writing 500 word articles with a three percent keyword density, you would be repeating a specific keyword about 15 different times. That seems like a small number but when a keyword is mentioned four times per paragraph it results in a cheesy and poor quality article. Not to mention the readers are going to feel like that keyword has been drilled into their head.

This is keyword stuffing; when a keyword is used in extreme excess. It is unpleasant for the writer to write an article like that and even more unpleasant for the readers. In all likelihood, a reader or subscriber probably won’t even read through the whole article. It is best to stick with quality articles and use keywords in titles, first and last sentences, and sporadically through the post.

Secret #2: Blog Often

Blogging should be a regular practice, as it isn’t going to provide a great deal of significance if you are only blogging once every few months. In fact, when you are using search engine optimization, your blog posts should be able to be indexed by the search engines regularly in order to ensure that you are picked up as an updated and relevant blog. A general rule for blogging is no less than once a week, with three times a week most favorable for best results. However, you can post as many times as you wish, with daily posts offering a very influential presence within search engine results pages relevant to your business and current niche followed online.

Secret #3: High Quality, Engaging Articles

High quality and engaging articles should always be posted for a multitude of reasons.  For one, search engines are beginning to see through keyword stuffing and are penalizing sites like these by dropping rank.  Second, keyword-stuffed sites will be much less likely to have return visitors and even less likely to have ads clicked on or products purchased.  Third, when you write quality articles, you can be free to be passionate about your topic rather than figuring out where to stuff your last three keywords.