11 Tips to Get More Links to Your Site

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When most people think of SEO, they focus on keyword placement and keyword density, but there is another important part of the equation: backlinks. In a sense, each link to your site is a “vote” in a search engine’s eyes, so you want as many as you can get!

The best way to get links to your site is simple: provide valuable, thought-provoking content. But of course, that’s what every blog is working toward, and the link-building really only happens after you’ve already developed an audience. So if you’re just starting out, what do you do?

Do a link exchange. Contact other bloggers, clients, vendors, or business partners, and ask them to post a link on their sites while making an offer to link to them. You may be surprised by how many people will take you up on the offer.

Comment on other blogs. Another way to connect to other bloggers and encourage them to take notice of you is to take part in the conversation happening on their blog. Many will reciprocate by checking out your blog.

Post reviews and interviews. Help someone else to promote their products or services, and you can be sure that they’ll want to show off your blog post.

Make use of social networking. Make sure your blog URL is shared on all of your profiles, and update each of them when you post a new blog.

Link to yourself. Are you writing a post that refers to something you already wrote about? Link it! You can also write articles or guest posts for other sites and include links back to your site when you do.

Bookmark it. Submit your posts to social bookmarking sites, like Digg, Reddit, and Stumbleupon.

Create a press release. There are many free services that will distribute it for you, even ensuring it gets picked up by search engines and news sites.

Submit to blog directories. You’ll get a link… and you may actually allow more people to find you!

Answer a question. People post questions on sites like Yahoo! Answers and even LinkedIn. Why not answer one in your area of expertise and provide your site as a resource to check out?

Sponsor an event. Most charities, contests, and conferences include a list of all their sponsors on their site – including a link to each one.

Offer free tools or resources. If your blog includes a valuable source of information, people will link to it again and again. For example, you can provide WordPress templates or a compound interest calculator.

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