10 Ways Your Blog Can Earn Money

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If you’re creating a blog for your company, it’s likely your goal isn’t just to share your opinion with the blogosphere; you want your blog to be a part of your overall business plan. So one of the first questions you may have is: where is the money? There are many money-making strategies for blogs, and deciding which strategy or strategies to pursue is a smart move before you get started.

Direct Sales – Promote your own products directly in your content. If you choose this route, make sure you are still providing valuable content. People won’t sign up for a blog that’s simply a regularly updated advertisement.

Promoting Your Services – Your blog is another way to inform people about the services you offer. Use it as a way to highlight your expertise and show how you are different from the competition.

Advertising – There are many different ad networks that make this easy to do. A few are Google AdSenseChitika, Casale Media, and Tribal Fusion. Typically, you are either paid per impression (when the ad is shown) or per click (when someone actually clicks on the ad.)

Donations – Some blogs survive entirely on asking their readers to contribute. As a business, this is an unlikely model but you may be able to generate money for a charity you support.

Affiliate Programs – If you are recommending a product, find out if there’s a way to make money doing so. Sites such as Amazon.com make it easy for you to earn a little every time someone purchases by clicking through from your site.

Sponsorships – There are many reasons why a company might want to sponsor your blog and be associated with your brand, and it can be a lucrative deal for you.

Keep Existing Customers – Blogs are a great way to communicate with your customers, letting them know what improvements you are making to your company and keeping in touch with their needs.

E-Book Sales – Use the blog to offer free expertise, and then allow people to get the more advanced information by purchasing your E-book. E-books are cheap and easy to produce and can generate a lot of revenue.

Charge for Subscription – Another way to charge for more “advanced information” is to have a special access area for subscribers only. This can be another blog, video or audio resources, or an exclusive community board.

Speaking and Consulting Fees – Once you’ve established yourself as an expert in a field, you may be sought after as a speaker and consultant.

If you already have a company blog, what are some ways that it contributes to the bottom line? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.