10 Ways to Come Up with Blog Ideas

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One of the hardest things about maintaining a blog is coming up with good ideas two to three times a week. That’s probably the most common reason that people give up or don’t start in the first place. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. Ideas are all around you, you just have to know where to look for them.

Here are ways to look for ideas for your next post!

Industry news – People will keep coming back to your blog to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and advances in your field.

Competitor’s blogs – It’s not cheating to see what other companies are writing about. Share your take on the subjects they are discussing.

Video interviews of experts in your industry – You can even embed them in your blog and then offer your own thoughts on the topic they are discussing.

Comments on past blogs – Often people will ask questions or offer suggestions. Make use of the comments to start a conversation on the topic in a new post!

Emails or letters from customers – Like comments on past blogs, it’s a great way to directly address the concerns of your customers.

Case studies – Whether you are training to market your services or showcase your expertise, case studies are a great way to do this. Always ask clients for permission before using them. They may even be excited by the idea, since it’s another way that their brand will get exposure. You may also want to consider running the final draft by them to make sure they’re alright with everything you say.

Social networks – Do a search to see what people are talking about. Or you can even directly ask them what topics they’d like to see you discuss on your blog.

Interviews – These are great because you don’t have to do much work! Simply find someone who would offer valuable insight to your blog, ask them to participate, and then send along an email with questions. When you get it back, it’s just a matter of cleaning it up a little and then writing an introduction and closing.

Guest writers – Is there a blog you really love reading? Ask them if they’d like to contribute an article to your site. Often, they’ll already have ideas in mind.

Share a photo – Did you have a big company event recently, maybe an award or a party? Snap a picture, post it on the site, and share a few lines about what was happening. People love to get a little insight into what things are like “behind the scenes.”

Ideas for blogs come from everywhere. You may come across a topic in a meeting that you think would make a good post. Or you’ll run across a problem in your work that you’d love to get into. The key is to be on the look-out and keep track of them. Make a note when an idea hits!