10 Great Mobile Apps for Productivity

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With over half a million apps in Apple’s app store alone, there’s an app for just about everything. There are tons of apps on productivity, and if you aren’t using some or all of these 10 great productivity apps to help you get through the day, then you could be missing out on valuable opportunities to save time and to have a little extra help. Here are those 10 great mobile apps for productivity:

  1. Splashtop Remote Desktop

    Left that important file on your desktop cause you forgot to email it to yourself or put it in your Dropbox? It’s not a problem with the Splashtop Remote Desktop. Access your home or work computer right from you tablet or smartphone, and get that file you so badly needed. Even use programs that are on your desktop right from your mobile device, even if it isn’t installed on your device.

  2. Colornote Notepad

    This Android app is an excellent listmaker/calendar app combo. This one I personally use for my daily to-do list, as well as any other lists I need to make for my business or personal life. The calendar also comes with automatic reminders and each list or calendar can be labeled with a different color, helping you to keep your lists and appointments organized.

  3. Evernote

    This is a must-have productivity app! Evernote helps you remember everything, from good ideas to contact info, from things you see and like to your class notes and trip itineraries. Better yet, Evernote allows you to search your personal catalog of memories, so you can easily find something you may have “forgotten.”

  4. Pulse

    Instead of having 17 different apps to each of your favorite news sites, put them all together with Pulse. Get all the latest stories in one place, and bookmark other articles to read at a more convenient time. This is a must-have productivity app for the news junkie, or someone who needs to keep up with specific industry news for work purposes.

  5. Dropbox/Box.net 

    Both Dropbox and Box.net have similar functionality, which is why they are bunched together. Either is great for someone who has multiple computers and mobile devices. Instead of emailing files back and forth, or using an external hard drive or flash drive, just put your files on the cloud with either app. That way, it’s accessible in just a few taps on any device.

  6. Tote Notes

    Have you ever just gotten off a call, only to realize you can’t remember if the other person said 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. for the meeting time? Or if you’re the one who needs to bring drinks? Then Tote Notes is the app for you! This app allows you to record personal notes after each all. At the end of the call, say a few things to help you remember the details of the call, and then an MP3 of your note is sent to your email, along with a transcription of your note and your contact’s info in the subject line.

  7. Antivirus App

    Just about every mobile device should have some form of antivirus or security app, since you can’t be all that productive if you can’t use your device at all. There are tons of apps to choose from in this department (although you only need two, at most, installed). Some that I’d recommend include AVG, Dr. Web, and My Antivirus Pro.

  8. Grocery IQ

    What’s productivity if you can’t make grocery shopping a little bit easier? Grocery IQ is that app that makes the stopping easier. Create your shopping list on the app, share or email it with others, and find coupons to some of your favorite products. If you shop at particular stores, or purchase only certain brands, you can customize your list to the store or the product to the brand when creating your list.

  9. Dragon Dictation

    Typing on mobile devices can be a real pain, so use the Dragon Dictation app to voice record to emails and text messages. Speak right into the phone, and instantly see your message as you’re speaking. Also use this app to dictate status updates or notes to yourself. It’s five times faster than typing everything in, so imagine the time that you could save!

  10. Genius Scan

    Scanning can be a pain too; using the machine and switching out papers and saving them as the right file is all too tedious. With the Genius Scan app, get the whole scanning process done in one move on your smartphone. Scan something instantly, and save it as a PDF and JPEG.