10 Essential Web Browser Shortcuts You Should Know

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Knowing the following 10 shortcuts will make your Internet browsing experience more enjoyable and efficient. The following is our list of the Top 10 web browser keyboard shortcuts every Internet user should know (we tested them in the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari).

Do you know all of them?

F5 – Refresh the page that you are currently on.

BACKSPACE – Go back.

Ctrl + TOpens a new tab. If you click on a link while holding the Ctrl key, it will open the link in a new tab.

Ctrl + NOpens a new browser window. If you click on a link while holding the Shift key, it will open the page in a new window.

Home / EndA quick way to instantly go to the top or bottom of a web page. Useful for long pages that require a lot of scrolling.

Alt + DMoves your mouse cursor to the address bar.

Ctrl + FSearch for text on the page you are looking for.

F11 – Toggle browser between full-screen and regular view (except for Safari)

Ctrl + HShows your history (the pages that you have browsed).

Ctrl + PPrint the page that you are on. How about printing this page as a quick reference?

Do you have other shortcuts you use regularly? If so, please share with us in the comments!